In rural Kenya, David is saving money by using GoSol solar oven to run his bakery.

Founding sponsor

Pilots implemented in Kenya in collaboration with World Vision

And in Tanzania with Global Ressource Alliance

Sustainable income generation,
for low-income people

Made possible with support from:

Founding Sponsor

Wärtsilä is committed to support African societies and businesses and is backing the piloting and scale-up of this local solar technology through education in Africa and beyond.

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Wärtsilä Energy Solutions is a leading global supplier of ultra-flexible power plants of up to 600 MW operating on various gaseous and liquid fuels. Their portfolio includes unique solutions for baseload, peaking, reserve and load-following power generation, as well as for balancing intermittent renewable energy. Wärtsilä Energy Solutions also provides utility-scale solar PV power plants, as well as LNG terminals and distribution systems. As of 2016, Wärtsilä has 60 GW of installed power plant capacity in 176 countries around the world.



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What is Solar Concentration?

A simple magnifying glass is a solar concentrator, and can focus the sun’s light to one spot reaching high temperatures.

With high temperatures, we can do things like baking, roasting, purifying water — all with Free Solar Energy.

The problem with the magnifying glass is that it’s not enough power for commercial activity. We need more power! We can do this by making a lot bigger solar concentrators. The challenge is to keep costs low.

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How we do it


We switch from the magnifying lens to using mirror to make it cheaper. We bend the mirror slightly, so it concentrates the light.


To get more power we put many mirrors
on a row...

At the focal point, it gets really hot, up to 300°C.

We optimize everything there with software, so all the power is used to bake, roast, purify or dehydrate as much as possible.

All the tools and materials needed to build our solar concentrators are readily available and cheap.

Current Projects

We are currently piloting our solar concentrators in Kenya and Tanzania with Wärtsilä's sponsorship.

In 2016, in collaboration with World Vision Finland and World Vision Kenya, we implemented two pilot projects of solar baking and solar peanut roasting. The entrepreneurs adopted the tech successfully, and this year, with Wärtsilä's support, we are spreading our technology further in Kenya , and also Tanzania . It's exciting to see these entrepreneurs saving money, reducing CO2 emissions and increasing their productivity!

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Why do we do it

1. Income Generation

Solar Concentration can power local economies, globally. Solar energy is available everywhere and our technology can be deployed without depending on infrastructure, institutional support, exotic materials or advanced skill sets.

2. Climate Change

Solar Concentrators can displace massive quantities of carbon emissions in thermal industries of all sizes — without large scale clear cutting of forests, poisoning water tables or creating radioactive waste.

3. Women’s Empowerment

Globally, women feel the burden of energy poverty most acutely: from fuel-wood collection, which is time-consuming and dangerous to enduring cooking smoke. Solar cooking is easier, cleaner and provides additional energy to run small businesses.

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4. Education

Children do much of the fuel-wood collection, or are left alone when the mothers go out to collect fuel. We can reduce the biomass fuel-dependence that keeps children from attending school and spending time with their mothers.

5. Local Economies

Solar Fire technologies can be built and maintained by local tradespeople and provide sustainable energy for local industry.

6. Deforestation

One single GoSol SOL4 model replaces as much as 9 tonnes of wood per year. In many areas solar concentration can make the difference between the regeneration of the ecosphere versus continued deforestation.

7. Health

Solar concentrators can reduce household air pollution, cook food more thoroughly, provide energy for water purification, power refrigeration, and sterilize hospital equipment and improve nutrition by preserving in-season produce.

8. Particulate Pollution

Particulate pollution from industry and cooking fires is a major health hazard world-wide and a major cause of ice-pack melt. Solar Concentrators can replace fuels such as coal and biomass which are largely responsible for these emissions.

9. Peak Everything

Currently, our resource extraction rate doubles every 20 years. This is completely unsustainable. Solar Fire modules can be completely recycled and Solar Thermal can enable recycling-focused closed-loop economies.

How costs are kept low

The technology doesn't matter so much if it's not cost effective.

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We lower the costs by designing everything to be built as locally as possible, with available materials, using skills and tools that local artisans, shops and builders have in most places in the world.

Local fabrication also means the systems can be maintained locally without expensive part replacements or sending technicians to remote locations. Local technology is particularly useful in hard to reach places, like many farms in the rural South, and so local maintenance is critical for durability, reliability and cost reduction.

We’re bringing this tech to Africa with our founding sponsor Wärtsilä and in cooperation with Wold Vision and their Weconomy program in order to prove the economics, adapt the technology better to the needs, and build education programs to scale-up.

We are Solar Fire Concentration Ltd

A social enterprise based in Finland with the vision to enable energy access for all. More about us.