Haiti Solar Bakery - Press Release 07 January 2015

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Foto 1

Winter, Mackenson, Taylor and Caroline each with a pizza
ready to be baked in GoSol.org’s high powered solar concentrator.

Foto 2

Fabienne Dorleans is a baking college graduate and has teamed up with GoSol.org to
make a Solar Fire powered bakery in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Foto 3

Mackenson fine tunes the mirrors on GoSol’s Solar Fire
concentrator at Sakala in Cité Soleil in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Foto 4

Islande is, for the first time in her life, cooking rice and
beans without burning any charcoal.

Foto 5

A man from Clercine in Port-au-Prince showing off his
rainproof stash of charcoal. 90% of Haitians cook exclusively with charcoal.

Foto 6

Too many cooks in the kitchen? Marie, Fabienne and Islande
preparing pastries to be baked in GoSol.org’s high powered solar oven.

Foto 7

On the roof of Haiti Communitere, Solar Chef Islande
prepares herbs and spices for a traditional Creole dish. GoSol.org’s unique design of
solar cooker allows the cook to stand in the shade while cooking with the sun.

Foto 8

These kids couldn’t believe that one solar cooker cooked so
much rice and beans. GoSol.org’s ’Solar Fire’ cookers can cook for as many as 60
people per day.

Foto 9

This group of solar chefs was very impressed by how quickly
GoSol.org’s solar cooker cooked this mountain of rice and beans.