Project: NYC, USA

Plant, harvest and cook food while learning about sustainability and green jobs - that’s what happens at GrowNYC’s Teaching Garden where one of our solar concentrators is regularly used by students.

The SOL4 solar concentrator was built in 2015 at the Staten Island Makerspace, and quickly found a permanent home at GrowNYC’s Teaching Garden. GrowNYC is a non-profit which improves New York City’s quality of life through environmental programs like the Governors Island Teaching Garden.

Every week, students from around NYC take field trips to the Teaching Garden and every week they are blown away by the power of the sun when they prepare off-grid meals!

In 2016, we’re planning to bring a SOL5+oven to GrowNYC, so stay tuned!

Visiting students surrounding the Sol4 solar concentrator. © GrowNYC
Growing, cooking and eating at GrowNYC's Teaching Garden. © GrowNYC
Lunch from the garden: Stir-fry with locally grown greens. © GrowNYC
528° Farenheit (275.5°C) at 9am in the morning.© GrowNYC


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